Bake Perfect Biscuits

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on July 5, 2011
Homemade Biscuits
Mark Boughton

Have you heard the expression, “she’s got a biscuit hand”? That was a new one for me, but as I’ve been reading about biscuits, I’ve learned that a “biscuit hand” is the light touch needed to incorporate all the ingredients into a mass of dough and to pat the dough out into a flattened shape ready for the biscuit cutter.
And do you know why it’s best to use a metal cutter to stamp out the biscuits? A tumbler can certainly cut the shapes, but it needs to be twisted, pinching the dough and keeping the dough from fully rising. A metal cutter slides straight through the dough with no twisting.
—By Candace Floyd, Relish Managing Editor