Panko Time: 6 Recipes We Love

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on September 25, 2012
Red Snapper with Mango Salsa
Mark Boughton / styling: Teresa Blackburn

Dry breadcrumbs have forever been a pantry staple in the American kitchen, but we think it's time to widen breading horizons and make space for another box of crumbs…Panko.

Panko is the Japanese version of breadcrumbs and is made up of larger, lighter and coarser crumbs than most other dry varieties. Panko is especially good at creating crunchy crusts and the flakes stand up well to frying and sauteing. In Japan panko is used to make traditional Tonkatsu (a breaded pork cutlet) among other classic dishes, but Asian inspired recipes certainly aren't the only place panko can (or should!) be used. Below we have listed our 6 favorite recipes, from Austrian Schnitzel to Crispy Baked French Toast there is a panko-packed meal for every palate.

—By Emily Arno, Relish Multimedia Editor

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