One-Pot Meals

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on August 19, 2011
Vegetarian Ragu

Nothing catches the eye of busy cooks faster than the words “no-bake,” “one-bowl” or “make-ahead.”  In our kitchen, “one-pot” and “stove-top” are the clinchers. It’s not because we have only one pot or cook on a hot-plate; it’s that we like the idea of putting all the ingredients into a large pot and letting them take their own sweet time on simmer.  

Of course, there’s more to stove-top cooking than convenience. Stews really do taste better after an overnight stint in the refrigerator.

One-pot stews are appealing also because of the timing. It’s practically impossible to overcook them. We love it that they do just fine with an extra 20 minutes or so on simmer. It’s the kind of breathing space that comes in handy when you’re working to put a meal on the table.

—By Jean Kressy