New Year’s Party

Recipes, Special Occasions
on February 4, 2007

What did you do for New Year’s Eve? Throw a party? Go to a party? Order in pizza and sheepishly shuffle off to bed at 10:30? (Us? We’re not telling, but there’s a reason that last option came to mind….)

Well, here’s your chance to ring in the new year without suffering from Overrated Holiday Syndrome: Throw a party to celebrate Chinese New Year.

For every Purcell Sisters party, we create one of our signature Conversation Kick-Starters to help guests meet and mingle effortlessly—for this occasion, we’re making custom fortune cookies with quirky messages inside. (Fortune cookies are actually an American invention, but our parties are more about revelry than realism, so shhhh!)

To get you started, here are a few of the fortunes-with-attitude our guests will find when they crack open a cookie. Try it at your own party. We predict: A good time is in your future!

  • Your next passport photo will be exceedingly flattering. Driver’s license, not so much.
  • You will attend your high school reunion. So will your high school girlfriend. Both of you will wonder what in the world you were thinking.
  • Yes, the cable company has it out for you.
  • A big lottery win is in your future. Prepare to lose some friends. Prepare to not care.
  • That embarrassing thing you did on New Year’s Eve? Everybody still remembers.
  • You will achieve your dream. Hope it’s not the one about being naked in front of a crowd.
  • This week, you will grocery shop. (Sorry, not all fortunes can be about exotic journeys.)
  • You will receive a small fortune. This is it.