15 Manly Gifts for His Kitchen

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on November 25, 2013
Manly Gift Guide

Shopping for culinary-inclined guys is one of our favorite things to do during the holidays. From trendy drink containers to tasty eats, we’ve reviewed and hand-picked the top gentlemanly options out there for catering to the best man in your life. But please note—while we’ve labeled the following presents  as “manly,” we suspect all the ladies out there will be giving with the intent that they’ll share.

For the Gadget Guy…
The Orange Chef Cutting Board with iPad Stand ($70)
Chef Sleeves for iPad & iPhone ($20)

Orange Chef
The Orange Chef’s handy cutting board will allow the guy in your life to keep his trusty tablet on display for watching games, reading recipes or surfing the web while prepping dinner. The blade-friendly board, made from recycled paper, is dishwasher safe and has a smooth, attractive cutting surface. And since things always tend to get a little messy while slicing and dicing, there is a built-in groove for catching juices, and The Orange Chef sells a set of plastic sleeve protectors to protect gadgetry from unwanted splashing and smudging.

For the Entertainer…
Brooklyn Slate Co. Pantry Collective No. 001 ($70)

We are firm believers that everyone enjoys a good cheese board—but we also have strong opinions about what it takes to make a good cheese board. And as far as we’re concerned, this artisanal set from Brooklyn Slate Co. is top-notch. Providing all the necessities for a stylish evening of entertaining, the set comes complete with lightly salted Castleton Crackers, a jar of sweet SQIRL Fig Jam, Shelburne Farms Cheddar and of course, Brooklyn Slate’s modern cheese board and complementing wooden knife. If your man is a sucker for good packaging, all of the elements come tied up in a rustic, on-trend burlap bag.

For the Trendy Beer Lover…
Kaufmann Mercantile Handmade Ceramic Growler ($63)

Handsome enough to be a piece of art, this handmade ceramic growler from Portland will certainly be a conversation piece the next time your gift-ee visits the tap. Designed to house his favorite beer for days after filling, the growler has a thick cast to protect its contents from heat and light, while making it strong enough to withstand cracking. When the growler arrived at the Relish.com offices, we were blown away by the artistry, and for good reason—the producers only make 20 growlers each day.

For the Guy Needing a Kitchen Staple…
Lodge Cast Iron Skillet ($25)

Cast Iron
There is something about a cast iron skillet that feels innately primitive, rugged and comforting all at the same time. From camping trips to sophisticated turns in the kitchen, this pan will go anywhere and everywhere, all the while providing superior heat retention. And when properly cared for, it will last a lifetime and seriously rival all other cookware in his collection.

For the Man Who Needs a Drink…
Cocktail Kingdom Copper Moscow Mule Mug ($15)

Every guy needs a fine goblet to house his favorite drink, and while this isn’t a “goblet” per se, it is a pretty awesome cup. This 100% copper mug is a steal at $15 and will be the perfect vessel for enjoying a Moscow Mule (a fun, classic mix of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice) or any other cocktail of his choosing.

For the Wild Chef…
Pickles, Pigs and Whiskey by John Currence ($28)

Pickles Pigs and Whiskey
On the book jacket of Pickles, Pigs and Whiskey, it is said James-Beard Award winning John Currence would rather punch us in the face with fantastic flavors than poke us in the eye with fussy presentation. And this he does—and very well, we might add. The full color, decadently photographed ode to Southern cuisine comes complete with a soundtrack, which can be found on Spotify. With good food and good tunes, he’ll be in heaven.

For the Coffee Addict…
Keurig Vue ($170)

If you know a guy that needs a good cup of joe to jumpstart his day, save him some time in the morning with a fancy touch-screen Keurig Vue. Like its little brother, the K-cup brewing system, the Vue is able to brew a variety of coffees, hot chocolates and teas in under a minute. But what puts this model ahead of the former is its ability to brew custom strengths to his liking, in hot or cold versions and in sizes ranging from 4oz to 18oz. Do keep in mind the Vue can not accommodate the smaller K-cups, so you may want to give a package of the slightly larger Vue-cups to accompany the brewer.

For the DIY Kind of Dude…
Homemade Gin Kit ($50)

Gin Kit
Fulfill his bootlegging, 1920s-gangster dreams (legally, of course) with a complete gin making kit. Two attractive glass bottles, a funnel, fragrant botanicals and aromatic juniper are all included in the kit and delivered in a well packaged and easy-to-wrap gift box. We appreciate that the process is fast and will have you sipping homemade gin in a mere 36 hours—just remember to pick up bottle of vodka to pair with the pack so he can get started right away.

For the Knife Collector…
Magnetic Knife Bar ($50)

Knife Bar
If your friend has a collection of stellar knives, don’t let him stash them away in some forsaken drawer or hide them in the deep recesses of a knife block. Instead, allow him to put them on display with this sleek and modern magnetic knife board. A favorite design of many top chefs in professional kitchens, the strip will free up counter space and allow him to grab the slicer he needs quickly while cooking. And don’t worry about the blades slipping off, it takes a good tug to detach them from the strong magnet.

For the Wannabe Bar Tender…
Kappa Pisco ($35)

Kappa Pisco
Dabbling in the sipping arts is one of our favorite activities, and if it the guy in your life shares this hobby, he’ll be thrilled with a classy bottle of pisco. Produced by the Marnier Lapostolle family, this smooth Chilean pisco has a distinct grape flavor to it and a definite kick at 85 proof. Kappa, in its gorgeous glass and muted metallic blue bottle, will mix well in many cocktails. We suggest trying it in a grapefruit based drink…it’s fabulous.

For Someone with a Case of the Munchies…
Mouth.com Snacks Every Month ($180-$720)

Mouth.com prides themselves in their ability to find the best small-batch food purveyors in the country and make their goods available nationwide. After testing a variety of the products they offer, we are convinced of the quality they curate and have yet to try something we didn’t immediately devour. One of our favorite programs they offer is the Snacks Every Month Collection where they deliver a heap-load of goodies right to your doorstep. As Mouth puts it, this is a gift great for grazers, procrastinators, or people who just like to open and close bags.

For a Man who Prefers Steak…
Wüsthof Steak Knives ($60)

Gourmet Knives
For ravenous carnivores, there is little more frustrating or aggravating than not being able to saw through a slab of meat. Butter knives just don’t cut it—pun intended. Give the gift of a simpler slice with this set of steak knives by Wüsthof, the famed knife producer we continually turn to for our choppers, slicers and dicers. We are a fan of this set for its affordability and the knives’ straight-edge design.

For the Cowboy…
John Wayne Rubs ($25)

John Wayne
If your man has an unrequited desire to be a cowboy, because, let’s face it, most guys do…he’ll be thrilled with this rub collection, featuring iconography of the legendary John Wayne. The rubs themselves are just as rugged, good-looking and masculine as their mascot, with seasonings specifically for pork, beef, chicken and bar-b-q. Plus they are all gluten-free, which makes them accessible for a variety of diets.

For the Guy Who Wants a Stately Candle…
Rewined Candles ($28)

Ladies: Just because he doesn’t like your extra-strength botanical garden candle doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate a good scent. He just may need something more his style—we suspect Rewined Candles, a company that hand makes all of their natural soy candles in Charleston, will be right up his alley. Inspired by the tasting notes of wine, each candle comes in the bottom half of a recycled wine bottle and is marked by a handwritten label detailing the production date and candle maker responsible. We tried out the Pinot Grigio in our kitchen and loved its light and earthy aroma, which provided just enough scent without overpowering the equally delicious smells wafting from the oven and stove.

For the Pit Master…
Shiner Smokehouse Sausages ($26)

Shiner Smokehouse
It may be cold out, but that doesn’t mean grillers need abandon their fiery Memorial Day cravings. A welcomed break from the standard holiday fare, hearty Shiner Smokehouse sausages are high-quality smoked meats which we’ve found fantastic grilled and bun-ed or chopped and tossed in gumbo. Made in Texas with no artificial ingredients or additives, these are a great gift to remind him that grilling season is just a stone’s throw away.

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