Build a Better Snowman Party

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on November 8, 2011
Mark Boughton/ styling: Teresa Blackburn

Santa isn’t the only winter sky-flyer to cause PJ-clad pint-sizers to dart gleefully from window to window. There are billions of them—in the forms of uniquely pretty snowflakes. Upon seeing the season’s first flakes, your children will immediately squeal “can we build a snowman!?”

Once there is something on the ground to work with, bundle everyone up tight and follow these easy snowman-making tips:

  • Get a Good Consistency: Wet and sticky snow is best for packing and molding. If the flakes in your area are dry and powdery, make them easier to work with by setting your garden hose on fine mist and spraying over the yard.
  • Build a Frame: There are two basic ways to go about shaping your guy: The traditional three-ball method and the staking and shaping approach. If you want to roll snowballs, you will need your family’s help to lift the torso onto the base. If it’s still too heavy, fashion a wooden plank into a ramp and roll the torso to the top of the base. In staking and shaping, start with tightly packed balled base then just pile on the snow until you get a nice pillar shape.
  • Give Frosty a Face: The fridge is the best place to find features. Carrots make fabulous noses and grapes are perfect smiles. Be sure to search the yard for materials as well. Rocks, pinecones, pine needles and sticks all work well.
  • Jazz ‘em Up: Once your snowman is fully formed, use all types of accessories from scarves to hats to old sweaters to enhance his wardrobe. For something really funky, fill spray bottles with water tinted with food coloring and spray on rosy cheeks or a merry smile.

Once your chilly companion is complete, head inside and warm up with toasty mugs of hot chocolate and home-baked cookies.

—By Emily Arno

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