Lemon Aid

on April 11, 2012
Mark Boughton Photogrpahy / styling by Teresa Blackburn

I've always been in love with all things lemon. But after touring Pidduck Lemon Grove in Ojai, Calif., I found myself adding lemon to almost everything I cooked.

Did you know that lemons are picked at one time? While a lemon tree can yield 500 to 600 pounds of fruit, each golden orb is cut by hand and placed in a cloth sack that's worn over the harvester's shoulder. There's no such thing as a lemon picking machine, unless you count the human hand.

When buying lemons — like Lisbon or Eureka varieties — look for fruit with just a touch of green left on the skin. It will last longer. Meyer lemons (available only January through September) are a lemon-mandarin hybrid. Though treated as a great new discovery, this slightly sweet lemon has been around since 1908.

— By Mary Carter


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