Clay-Pot Slow Cooker

Cooking Tools, Featured Article, How-To
on December 8, 2011

At Relish we are always on the lookout for great gadgets to make our recipes more enjoyable, nutritious and simple. When we stumbled upon the VitaClay Chef collection of rice cookers that did all of that and more, we knew we had to alert the masses.

Melding old customs with new technology, the VitaClay prepares recipes using computerized temperature control to heat a removable and organic clay pot. Unlike other glazed or non-stick cookware, the pot’s unglazed lining is chemical free and actually enhances flavors by retaining natural juices and nutrients. Its porous nature is what allows for additional steam to be slowly and steadily evaporated.

In our kitchen we put the appliance to the test and made a pot roast, beef stew and traditional rice dish. We love how the VitaClay can be programmed for either rice or slow cooking, meaning it can be used for cooking rice in 30 minutes or a tender stew in 12 hours. The recipes tested were all top-notch—the beef was moist, the rice fluffy and the vegetables divine. Not to mention the design was great. The clay pot is easy to clean, and can even double as the meal’s serving dish.

—By Emily Arno