Hummus, Fattoush for Heatless, Meatless Supper

Food and Travel, International Food, Recipes
on June 13, 2012

Ethnic food is no longer found just in big cities. I've found great Afghan food in Virginia, Salvadoran food in Fort Lauderdale, soul food in Cincinnati, Thai food in Tuscaloosa and terrific Lebanese fare in Wichita, Kansas, where I had some of the best hummus and fattoush ever.

Fattoush is a light and refreshing Middle Eastern salad made with fresh herbs, lettuce and the unusual addition of toasted torn pita bread. Many versions call for a spice called sumac that is a dried crimson berry with a lemony taste. It can be found in most Middle Eastern markets, but you can make this salad without it.

The hummus is pretty unusual as it is topped with pickled onions and cornichons, tiny tart pickles, which can be found in specialty markets. Together these two dishes make a great summer meal.

What an amazing country this is to accept and support these businesses.

By Chef Steve Petusevsky