How to Grill Pizza

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on May 30, 2011

Making pizza on the grill may seem like making soufflé in the rice cooker, but it actually makes a lot of sense. The key to pizza is high heat, something your grill specializes in. All you need is a robust pile of charcoal (don’t skimp on the coals) or a gas grill and a pizza stone that’s smaller than the surface of your grill.  

  • Build a fire, and when it’s hot enough that you can’t hold your hand over it for more than about three seconds, put the stone on the grill and close the lid. Once the stone has heated for at least 10 minutes, you proceed just as you would indoors. Place the crusts on the stone and cook about 5 minutes (until the bottom is browned). Now you have two choices: You can remove the crusts to a platter, cooked side up, build your pizzas and return them to the grill or flip the crusts and construct the pizzas while they’re still on the grill.
  • Once all your toppings are in place, close the lid and cook until the crust is brown and the toppings are thoroughly heated. That’s usually 6 to 8 minutes, but time can vary significantly; you’ll get a feel for it after a pie or two.   
  • Because the heat source is from the bottom, use toppings that are pre-cooked, and don’t overload your pie. Try it, and you’ll be convinced that the grill is an excellent pizza-maker.  And, who knows, you may even rethink your rice cooker.

—By Tamar Haspel