How to Correctly Hold Your Drink

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on February 3, 2015

The way you carry yourself in social situations says a whole lot about your confidence and intelligence—the same can be said about the way you carry a drink. Whether you realize it or not, clutching a delicate wine glass like a grizzly or pinching the stem of a brandy snifter with a pinky extended can cost you second dates, interviews and business connections. Keep your cool points and remember the following advice the next time you roll up to a bar.

How to Correctly Hold Your Drink

Sure, the large, teetering bowl of a martini glass is tempting to clutch on to, but hands off, people. Holding chilled cocktails by the bowl warms the contents quicker than intended and therefore an etiquette no-no. If you’re having trouble with the balancing act, it’s perfectly acceptable to use your free hand to sturdy the base from beneath.

Like a martini, a wine glass should be pinched at the stem so as not to change the temperature of that classy Cabernet.

Though most glasses go by the motto “stem always, bowl never,” the brandy snifter is an exception to the rule. This glass is best cupped under the bowl with the steam passing through your middle and ring fingers. Brandy will actually benefit from your hand’s warmth which will help release those iconic aromas.

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Katie Eberts