Hot Legs: Chicken Recipes

Dinner, Ingredient, Recipes
on March 20, 2012

We’ve got a thing for good-looking legs—and we want them sexy, spicy, seasoned and served promptly at dinnertime. Naturally, we’re talking about chicken drumsticks. Though boneless breasts tend to get the attention these days, we have a place in our hearts for affordable chicken legs’ succulent dark meat.

To retain legs’ all-important tenderness, we suggest roasting or slow braising. These methods will render a good deal of fat keeping juicy dark meat from becoming tough and dry. When it comes to dressing drumsticks in marinades and rubs, like chicken breast, just about anything goes. Check out our favorite saucy numbers below and dip chicken legs in a tangy feta cheese glaze or a super aromatic garlic bath to really show off those gams.

—By Emily Arno