Holiday Kitchen-Inspired Wreaths

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on December 11, 2014
Holiday Kitchen Wreathes
Dream A Little Bigger

You may be in the seemingly endless midst of baking casseroles and sugar cookies, but give that holiday cooking a short rest and make time to get your crafting on. The following kitchen-inspired wreaths are made from mostly-edible ingredients and everything from seasonal foods to festive candies.

Marshmallow Wreath

Holiday Kitchen Wreathes

The Sweet Escape

Turn your kitchen into a winter wonderland with this Marshmallow Wreath from The Sweet Escape. The fluffy marshmallows have us dreaming of deep snow and building snowmen.


Christmas Herb Wreath

Holiday Kitchen Wreathes

Just So Lovely

Choose your favorite woody herb for this simple, yet heartwarming Christmas Herb Wreath from Just So Lovely.  Tie it all together with a delicate bow for a more sophisticated look.


Peppermint Monogram Wreath

Holiday Kitchen Wreathes

Two Twenty One

Personalize your holiday decor with Two Twenty One‘s Peppermint Monogram Wreath. There is no better way to spread holiday cheer than with a bright red and white combo.


Christmas Popcorn Wreath

Holiday Kitchen Wreathes

Multiply Delicious

Gather the family and start popping bags of popcorn so you can make this Christmas Popcorn Wreath from Multiply Delicious, and be sure to enjoy the treat for yourself, too.


Fresh Herb Wreath

Holiday Kitchen Wreathes

First Home Love Life

Unlike the previous herb wreath, First Home Love Life‘s Fresh Herb Wreath combines a variety of herbs for a lush, forest wreath!


Apple Wreath

Holiday Kitchen Wreathes

The Wood Grain Cottage

Brighten your kitchen with faux ruby red apples in this Apple Wreath from The Wood Grain Cottage. Serve up a homemade apple pie and light a cinnamon candle to turn your kitchen into the coziest holiday spot.


Gum Drop Wreath

Holiday Kitchen Wreathes

Dream A Little Bigger

Save some gumdrops from your gingerbread house building and turn them into a bright and festive wreath! Dream A Little Bigger‘s Gum Drop Wreath has us drooling at the sugar-coated candies.


Split Pea Wreath

Holiday Kitchen Wreathes

See Kate Sew

Split peas were not the first thing we thought of when it came to food wreaths, yet See Kate Sew‘s Split Pea Wreath captures the perfect circle if you are looking for a more classic and tight wreath.


Cranberry Wreath

Holiday Kitchen Wreathes

Paper & Stitch

Paper & Stitch offers a tutorial for either this Cranberry Wreath or a Cranberry Crown. The simplicity of this tiny wreath will go a long way, especially if you make several to hang around the house.

Tea Wreath

Holiday Kitchen Wreathes

Kojo Designs

Kojo Designs‘ Tea Wreath is both decorative and functional. Dress up your wreath with holiday flavors for a fun way to enjoy a hot cup of tea on a winter night.

Cinnamon Stick Wreath

Holiday Kitchen Wreathes

Crafts Unleashed

Spread the scent of cinnamon through the house with this Cinnamon Stick Wreath from Crafts Unleashed.


Candy Cane Canning Jar Ring Wreath

Holiday Kitchen Wreathes

Twelve O Eight

If you are like us, you have shelves upon shelves of canning jars. Put them to decorative use by painting the lids red and white for this Candy Cane Canning Jar Ring Wreath from Twelve O Eight.