Grits Recipes

on July 1, 2009

I once worked with a man from Kansas who hated grits. His description? “They’re like ping pong balls that have been ground up in a blender.”

That’s near heresy to a person from the South. I grew up on grits. Grits with red-eye gravy, grits swimming in butter, garlic cheese grits (made with that roll of processed garlic “cheese.”)

What I’ve learned recently, though, is that grits aren’t just for breakfast and they can be flavored with much more than pork fat and processed cheese. Add cilantro and jalapenos (Green Chile-Cheese Grits) for a dish that’s great with pork chops or fish. Add chipotle peppers in adobo sauce (Chipotle Cheese Grits) for a smoky flavor. Add Parmigiano Reggiano, cool overnight, and cut into wedges to grill and top with sausage and pomodoro sauce (Grilled Polenta and Sausage). With these recipes, you’ll be singing grits’ praises.

—Candace Floyd

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