Grilled Chicken 6 Ways

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on May 26, 2011
Mark Boughton Photogrpahy / styling by Teresa Blackburn

Grilled chicken is summer’s quick and easy go-to dinner, but serving up the same recipe repeatedly will make even this staple border on boring. So get some spice in your life by changing up your chicken routine using different rubs and marinades. Whether they are homemade or store-bought, you can’t go wrong with one of these six spectacular seasonings.



  • For an easy homemade rub, combine kosher salt, pepper, cayenne, paprika, garlic and basil in a bowl. The amount of each ingredient will differ according to personal taste, but once you get it right, the remaining rub can be stored in an airtight container for up to six months. 


  • McCormik carries a Grill Mates line that is packaged seasoned to perfection. My favorite flavors are Montreal Chicken and Sweet & Smoky. Montreal is a light blend of garlic and herbs while Sweet & Smoky has a bold flavor created with spicy chipotle peppers, cinnamon and onions.



  • A rub can become a marinade in a snap with the addition of olive oil, a dash of water and a little white vinegar. In a bowl, combine this mixture with any homemade rub then refrigerate with chicken allowing the meat to marinate for a couple hours.


  • Italian dressings make great light marinades. While the dressing will work well by itself, you can always add additional herbs to taste. Finally, if you want to add little ethnic flair to your grill, try a honey teriyaki marinade by KC Masterpiece or a Japanese marinade by H.T. Traders.

—By Emily Arno