Grilled Cheese For Grown-ups

Dinner, Quick & Easy, Recipes
on May 20, 2011

There are few sandwiches as loved and cherished as the all-American grilled cheese. We all have distinct childhood memories of the classic melt—few things taster to a kid than the combo of bread, butter and ooey-gooey cheese. Now that you’re older and your palate has matured, why not revisit this childhood favorite? Here are three ideas to dress up your grilled cheese for a quickie dinner or a yummy lunch.

Change up the Cheese– Venture away from the traditional mild cheddar and American and try mozzarella, swizz, brie or gouda. Cheeses with low melting points work best.

Don’t be Boring with Bread– The best breads are ones that are thick and can support melted ingredients without becoming soggy. Try different rustic country-styled varieties of sourdough, rye, French and Pumpernickel.

Add Something a Little Extra– For a hardier sandwich, add meat and/or vegetables to the mix. Chicken, ham and bacon are natural choices for meat lovers, while mushrooms, tomatoes, and greens are perfect for vegetarians. Greens will give your melt freshness, but be sure to add them after grilling as they will wilt and loose their crunch under high heat.

-By Emily Arno