5 Savory Recipes Starring Gouda Cheese

on February 20, 2013
Gouda Cheese

Gouda goodness. Rolls off the tongue nicely doesn’t it? And Gouda cheese does a pretty fabulous job of making your taste buds happy, too.

Cheese producers in the Netherlands began making the big, beautiful and wax-coated wheels in the sixth century and haven’t stopped since—according to The Food Lover’s Companion by Sharon and Ron Herbst, Gouda makes up 60 to 65 percent of the country’s cheese production. But Gouda isn’t strictly a Dutch product; it’s produced authentically throughout Europe and even by families in the states.

The taste of Gouda takes many forms, from the rich, almost nutty aged varieties to the mellow and soft younger cheeses. A tinge of sweetness is typical and the uses are endless. We suggest serving slices of a younger version atop sandwiches, and trying a smoked Gouda in creamy mac and cheese or savory sun-dried tomato muffins for depth and full-bodied flavor.

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