Gouda Cheese Breakfast Recipes

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on February 22, 2013
Gouda Waffles
Teresa Blackburn

Marieke Penterman and her husband, Rolf, milk 800 cows on the Holland’s Family dairy farm in Thorp, Wis., and produce about 160 wheels of Gouda cheese each week. Their five children help with the cheese-making process from feeding the calves, to waxing the cheese wheels, to helping customers in the company store.

Marieke is proud when she hears her kids talk about taking care of the calves and sees their excitement as they explain cheese-making to their customers. Marieke learned the authentic Dutch Gouda cheese-making process in her native Netherlands. Today, only five hours after her cows are milked, she begins the process that turns fresh milk into a variety of young and aged Gouda cheeses.

Story by Serena Ball, MS, RD.