Gelato vs. Ice Cream

How-To, In Season, Spring, Summer
on April 27, 2011

As long as our summer time treats are cold, creamy and sweet, we are happy and don’t think twice about the title. In fact, frozen favorites, gelato and ice cream, are often considered one and the same. But products that taste as good these two do, deserve to be adored for their defining attributes.

The differences start with the very bases of the desserts. In ice cream, there is a higher milk fat content because it is created from a cream base; in the milk-based gelato the content is much lower. Despite this, gelato often has a creamier and denser mouth feel because unlike ice cream, there is little air added during the production process. Air is used as an ingredient in ice cream and purposefully added during churning to create a lighter and more whipped taste.

So which is a better summertime snack? It’s hard to say. Try any or all of the following recipes and judge for yourself.

By Emily Arno