Garlic Parmesan Rolls

Celebrity Chefs, Dinner, Heroes, Recipes
on March 1, 2008
Mark Boughton

For nearly 20 years, Michael and Stephanie Magerkurth proudly served residents of Anacortes, Wash., a variety of classic Italian specialties from their small cafe, Gepetto’s Italian On-The-Go—fresh pasta, pizza, salads, tiramisu and cannolis. Among the more popular items sold before Gepetto’s closed and the Magerkurths began catering full-time were Geppetto’s famous Garlic Parmesan Rolls. The cheesy, garlicky dinner rolls are delicious on the side with pasta, soup, or salad and just as ideal for an Italian sliders with salami, ham and Provolone. Our advice: Bake a double batch—one to enjoy now and one to freeze for later.