Fresh Strawberry Granita

For Moms, In Season, Spring
on May 1, 2012

My kids are always getting in some kind of "scrape." Particularly Sam, my son. But here's a scrape I like–strawberry granita. It's a perfect use for strawberries that are just a bit "over-the-hill" and don't look so pretty. They're pureed up with a simple syrup ( sugar and water cooked so the sugar dissolves), and fresh lime juice. (If you're making it for adults add a splash of dry red wine.)The mixture is frozen until hard, then scraped with a fork to a wonderful icey treat. The kids can take the caps off the strawberries, juice the lime and scrape the granita. To the kids it's like a popsicle in a bowl. And this one is high in vitamin C and fiber from the fresh berries.

To watch a video of me and Sam making orange granita click here.