Fourth of July: Surf and Turf

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on June 27, 2011
Cumin-Crusted Steak
Photo by Mark Boughton

One if by land, two if by sea—one of the most famous sentences ever spoken in American history—could not be more apropos for where our heads are at this Fourth of July. A thick juicy steak plus a side of seafood grilled to perfection, better known as a "surf and turf" menu, sounds just old-fashioned enough to make us smile and just delicious enough to make us hungry.

A relic of the 1960s, surf and turfs were steakhouse favorites, typically pairing steak with lobster. That feels a little overly rich to us though—both from a flavor and a wallet perspective—so we've ditched the lobster for shrimp, saving cost and calories, and we've updated the steak to a spicy, cumin-crusted cut of beef and we're pairing it with a boatload of our Beer-Boiled Shrimp Cocktail. Add a few side salads and our Firecracker Cheesecake and your Fourth will stellar from the steak up.