Enough Black Bean Salad, Garlic Green Beans for a Week

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on June 13, 2012

I make up big batches of favorite side dishes like Spicy Black Bean & Corn Salad or Garlic Green Beans some weeks. Not only have these helped me solve the dinner rush at my house, but keeping these around helps my diet plan because I never have to search for something when I'm hungry.

The Spicy Black Bean & Corn Salad is simple and can be used in many other dishes. Simply cook some basmati or brown rice, which holds for a week in the refrigerator. And I love the simplicity of the Garlic Green Beans as well.

The black bean salad can be combined with tofu and stuffed in a wrap or baked in a quesadilla. Or scoop it over a handful of tortilla chips, top with shredded jack or cheddar cheese and bake to make killer nachos.

Once you become accustomed to Big Side Dish, you'll find they're a big help.


By Chef Steve Petusevsky