Eating Clean to Feel Better

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on May 9, 2011

Much ado is being made these days about "clean eating," and though the connection between how you eat and how you feel may seem elementary, it bears a second look. Anyone who has ever thrown dietary caution to the wind on vacation or during a stressful week at work can attest to the simple fact that one affects the other.

That said, so-called superfoods rich in specific properties can more directly impact how you feel—if nothing else by simple virtue of the fact that you're eating better in general. Here are a few foods that will definitely make you feel better if you include them regularly at mealtimes, plus a few recipes to help you put each one to deliciously good use.

Salmon: Rich in omega-3 fats, salmon can help boost brain power, fight depression, and improve memory function.

Apples: An apple may or may not keep the doctor away, but it will help with weight loss and may reduce your risk for certain cancers, including colon.

Garlic: The fragrant (if not plain old potent) little bulbs are packed with anti's—anti-virals and anti-fungals among them—and garlic will also help lower cholesterol levels.

Spinach: This green leafy is not only rich in iron, but also Vitamin B, which is a known mood enhancer.

Turkey: High in tryptophan, a natural sedative, eating turkey can help fight both depression and insomnia.

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