Easy Rhubarb Recipes

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on May 1, 2010

In the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Dennis and Donna Duncan operate a pick-your-own rhubarb farm. Sure, it’s a decidedly old-fashioned vegetable most often associated with pies and cobblers, but the Duncans are spreading the word that rhubarb can be used in all sorts of dishes.

Located in Black Forest, Colo., High Altitude Rhubarb opens its fields from late May to August by appointment and during harvest days. “I’m expecting to sell this year’s entire crop via our pick-your-own program,” Dennis says. Over the years, the Duncans have experimented with rhubarb recipes. “We invented a rhubarb margarita and have enjoyed rhubarb pancakes, rhubarb iced tea and rhubarb brownies,” Dennis says. “And Donna makes a rhubarb chutney that is delicious.” Indeed, we liked it on brie cheese.

By Ashley Gartland, a food writer in Portland, Ore.