Easy Pasta Tosses for Dinner

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on March 20, 2012
Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Mark Boughton Photography/ styling: Teresa Blackburn

Ribbons of spaghetti roll in a pot of boiling water while your mind reels in questions on how to dress them. At that moment, the noodles’ versatility and wide range of saucing possibilities can seem utterly crippling. Should you add carrots, peas, ham or a coating of sauce? It’s such a toss up—so why not toss them all?


We recommend settling on a light cream sauce you enjoy, which can be as simple as sautéing heavy whipping cream with a bit of butter until thickened, and getting experimental with the additives. Don’t be afraid of sprinkling in an extra helping of your favorite garden herb or even substituting some vegetables for others (peas and asparagus make a nice swap!) in your favorite pasta recipes. But don’t overdo it—we like keeping the vegetable count below four, anymore and the individual favors will be lost in the toss.

—By Emily Arno

We adore the following pasta recipes just the way they are, but encourage you to tailor them to your palate’s preferences.

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