Easy Meatless Meals For Everyone

Dinner, Quick & Easy, Recipes
on March 13, 2011

Meatless Mondays sound so good on paper: Give up meat at dinner just one day a week and reap countless health benefits while saving money and improving the environment. All true facts—but that doesn't really help when you have to face a husband who cares more about his Monday-night meatloaf than his carbon footprint or you've invited your low carb-loving BFF over for dinner. No worries. There is, as they say, something for everyone, and Meatless Monday recipes are no exceptions. Here are a few menu options plus recipes to consider for every foodie type on your list.

  • The Epicurious: These are the easiest foodie types to please, because they're always jaunting from one food adventure to the next. Appeal to their exotic side with Five Spice Soba Noodles, steamed vegetable potstickers, and salad with a ginger-miso dressing.
  • The Low Carberater: For the anti-carbite, try a protein-rich herbed omelet with goat cheese, red peppers and onions plus a steaming bowl of our cheesy Cream of Zucchini Soup—it contains only 5 carbs a serving, and protein and fiber too!
  • The Vegan: This foodie type doesn't just eschew meat on Mondays, they remain cow and fowl-free all the rest of the days of the week too…and no dairy! Serve Orange Glazed Tofu, stir-fried veggies, and rice or quinoa.
  • The Meat-and-Potatoes Lover: A family-style casserole is just what you need to fly under a steak-lover's foodar. Our Chilequiles Verdes relies on two types of cheese, corn tortillas, canned chile sauce, and (shhhh….) a little tofu to make a hearty sans-meat meal.
  • The Comfort Food Craver: Pleasing this foodie type is child's play—all you need is a hot bowl of our Three-Tomato Soup served with an ooey-gooey grilled cheese sandwich made with chewy ciabatta bread, creamy Havarti and chive butter.
  • Tots, Tweeners and Teens: Kids as young as 4 to the college-bound set all have one thing in common: They love pizza. Our Pizza Putanesca will appeal to almost anyone, and it's made with a store-bought crust, so it's out of the oven and on the table before you know it.