Easy DIYs for Reorganizing Your Kitchen

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on February 19, 2015
Easy DIYs for Reorganizing Your Kitchen
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If a genie appeared and offered to organize any room in your home, we have a sneaking suspicion the kitchen may be your first choice. Unfortunately we don’t have a genie on hand, however here are nine ideas paired with DIYs that will give you the most organized (and functional) kitchen you could possibly wish for.

1. Keep Staples on Your Countertop

Keep pantry staples close to your workspace by storing them in pretty glass containers on your countertop. Make sure the containers are airtight when closed to preserve freshness.


2. Upcycle an Old Door 

This DIY is a small kitchen’s best friend, providing tons of extra storage space for hand towels, knife sets, larger utensils, and even decor. Add some painted color, and attach hooks, bars, and organizers as you go.


3. Build Drawer Dividers

Don’t let utensil inserts cramp your space or your style—build your own custom drawer inserts with wooden planks, to perfectly fit the space you have and create the organization you need.


4. Use Lazy Susans in Your Pantry

Solve deep pantry problems, by adding Lazy Susans to your cabinets and closets.


5. Create Order in Your Beverage Station


Bring order to your coffee filters, K-Cups, and tea bags by adding drawer organizers. Create space for everything, with the perfect compartments to fit each item.


6. Add Hanging Storage with Tension Rods 

A well-placed tension rod will create a perfect location for hand towels, oven mitts, sponge holders, and so much more.


7. Build a Rack for Foil and Plastic Dispensers

Free up much needed drawer space, by adding vertical storage to a cabinet or pantry door for your various foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper dispensers.


8. Magnetize Your Spice Storage

How do you keep all your spices visible, without leaving them on the counter? Magnets! Make sure your containers are well labelled, and simply attach magnets.


9. Hang up Your Measuring Spoons 

Turn the inside of a cabinet door into a clear and foolproof measuring spoon storage system.


For more organization hacks, tricks, and how-tos, check out Hometalk’s Organizing page.

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