DIY Popsicles

In Season, Summer
on April 27, 2011

During the hot summer months, a cool popsicle is a welcome treat for kids and adults alike. And it just so happens there are even fewer things more fun to make. All you need is a popsicle mold (or a few cups and wooden sticks), clear space in your freezer and a little imagination. A willingness to experiment with fruits, juices and other ingredients is key. Here are three easy tips to try:

  • Sure you can simply pour orange juice into the mold and have orange pops, but why not experiment with puréed berries, stone fruits or mash up a banana for a little extra flavor (not to mention nutrients)?
  • Use your blender to make your favorite smoothie then pour the contents into the mold for a creamier pop.
  • Remember that different ingredients call for different freezing times, but typically pops take about three hours to harden. Also do not to fill the mold up to the top—they will expand with freezing.

-By Emily Arno, Relish Multimedia Editor

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