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How-To, Relish Style
on May 16, 2011

Pages torn from magazines, miscellaneous recipe cards, and snapshots of the kids—why do these items seem to multiply on my counter? If I put them in a drawer, I’ll never see them again. If I pile them on the table, suddenly I have too much clutter. Here’s an easy way to corral recipes, ideas and notes to self—a foam core board covered with pretty fabric. Not only is it charming (and gift-worthy), it helps me be organized and keeps loose recipes from falling into the stew. To make one of your own, here’s what you’ll need:

1 (20 x 30 x 1/2-inch) piece of foam core board
1 (18 x 28-inch) piece of batting
1 (24 x 34-inch) piece of lightweight fabric
2-inch-long ball-top straight pins
15 yards 1/4-inch-wide elastic
2 3/4 yards (3- to 4-inch wide) fabric tape
2 easy-to-remove tape or velcro picture hangers

   1. Working on a flat surface, center the batting over the foam core board, leaving 1 inch of board exposed all around.
   2. Center the fabric over the batting. Secure the fabric at the corners with straight pins. (These pins will be removed later).
   3. Flip the board over so that the back of the board (uncovered side) is facing up.
   4. Starting in the middle of one side, fold under the raw edge of the fabric. Use straight pins, inserted at a sharp angle, to hold in place. Make sure the pins are not sticking through the other side. Fold the corners as you would fold gift wrapping. Pin the corners securely. All pins should be rather flat—not sticking up or out from the board.
   5. Cut the elastic into pieces that will fit snugly around the board—vertically and horizontally. Place 4 or 5 elastic pieces around the board horizontally and 2 or 3 pieces vertically. Secure in back with pins.
   6. Cover the rows of pins with fabric tape. Turn over and remove the pins at the corners on the front side.
   7. Attach hangers to back of the board and to the wall. Hang. Enjoy.

—Teresa Blackburn, Relish Prop and Food Stylist

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