Dairy Milk

on August 5, 2011
Milk-Braised Pork
Mark Boughton

I always drank my coffee black…that is until I started buying fresh milk at our farmers market. Now I'm now hooked on hot milk with my coffee. I make espresso in my Bialetti stovetop coffee maker, heat up some whole milk in the microwave, than add the espresso. Perfect amount of coffee, perfect milk, perfect morning.

If you haven't bought local milk, seek some out. It's well worth it. My local dairy, JD Country Milk, is sold  in old-fashioned glass bottles—each week, you trade in the empties for full ones. A great system.

Fresh creamery milk is so thick and rich—perfect not only for coffee, but also for cooking. Case in point: our Milk-Braised Pork. The savory milky broth adds unbelievable richness to the dish itself—and, as a bonus, you can use the leftovers for chowders and soups.

—By Jill Melton, Editor

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