Cold Fighting Foods

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on December 27, 2011
Mark Boughton/ styling: Teresa Blackburn

Keeping a cold under control, or bet yet—away from you completely, is arguably winter’s biggest challenge. Once you start to hear the sniffles and sneezes in the air, fill up on the following because what you put in your body helps determine what stays out:

Garlic: An antibacterial powerhouse, garlic contains certain phytochemicals (a wide variety of compounds produced by plants), such as allicin, that make your body significantly less likely to get sick and more apt to recover quickly. Click the image above for a garlic recipe.
Tea: Drinking a cup of calming tea feels great on an itchy throat and is a warm relief for a body experiencing chills. Green tea is a great choice for its immune-boosting properties, especially when spiked with a teaspoon of sweet honey or a sprinkling of ginger
Orange Juice: Vitamin C is a well-known and essential building block for a healthy immune system—and a healthy immune system necessary for fighting off colds. Sipping on 100 percent orange juice is an easy way to pick up the sunny vitamin.
Ginger: Gingerole, a phytochemical found in ginger, has notable anti-inflammatory properties helpful for clearing your nose and soothing your thought. Click the image above for a ginger recipe.
And finally there is chicken noodle soup—the ultimate healer of the soul. Choose a recipe heavy on garlic, onion and chicken broth and it will not only relieve existing congestion, but some studies show the soup’s anti-inflammatory properties work to prevent colds too. See our homey chicken noodle soup recipe below along with a collection our favorite soothing soups.
—By Emily Arno