Chocolate Recipes for Every Diet

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on December 31, 2011
Mark Boughton/ styling: Teresa Blackburn

There is a good reason Valentine’s Day is synonymous with chocolate—both ignite unequivocal euphoric feelings of undying love. We believe chocolate can be the best boyfriend until, well, you get love (and stomach)-sick off countless bon-bons. Indulge the right way this Valentine’s Day with these easy tips for chocolate-ifying desserts without packing on calories and sacrificing health for your heart’s desire:

  • Dark and Handsome: Dark chocolate has a high concentration of cocoa making it much better for you than its lighter and milk heavy counterparts. The surprising health benefits ranging from better heart health to lower blood pressure are all thanks to the anti-oxidant packed flavonoids found in cacao beans. Enjoy fine chocolates with a high cocoa percentage in moderation (above 70%) to reap the benefits. 
  • Essence is Everything: A good chocolate snack doesn’t have to be a rich and ooey-gooey high-fat confection. Go for recipes with just a touch of chocolate flavor to tingle the tongue. Try chocolate covered strawberries, smoothies with a splash of cocoa powder or Chex pieces glazed with dark chocolate.
  • Layer up: To give depth and complexity to your desserts, use touches of spices and chocolate in all of its forms. For example, take a basic low-cal brownie recipe and give it bite by adding dark chocolate chips to the batter along with a final dusting of ancho chile powder, cocoa and a light drizzle of chocolate syrup once baked.
—By Emily Arno