When Black Friday Comes

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on November 22, 2011
Black Magic Cake
Teresa Blackburn

Sometimes, it's the little things—like ice cream for breakfast. Last year, a Relish reader wrote us about her Black Friday tradition of consuming that very thing for her first meal of the day:

This Thanksgiving will be the 20th Anniversary of our "Black Friday Ice Cream for Breakfast" tradition. The custom started after one memorable Thanksgiving, shared with good family friends in Pennsylvania. The mother of one of my friends got us up from our food coma to venture out into the cold before we shopped in her little town. She said we should have ice cream for breakfast to start our holiday season. We followed her sage advice, and wearing mittens and hats, we had our ice cream. A few hours later we were trying on clothes in a little dress shop, and two senior citizens were chatting in the dressing room, commenting on seeing a family eating ice cream at 9 am. I popped my head out of the dressing room and announced it was us, and the black raspberry was exceptional after all the savory foods we had the night before! So, this Black Friday we will be having our ice cream for breakfast, and probably avoiding the stores. I'm going for rum raisin this year.—Joan W.

It made us think that we need a Black Friday tradition too. So from here on out, we’ll be celebrating with this Black Magic Cake—made with a little coffee for an early-morning caffeine and chocolate buzz. Maybe it will bring us good luck at the mall.

—By Jill Melton, Editor

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