Cabbage and Kale: Recipes We Love

Dinner, Healthy, Recipes
on October 1, 2013
Roasted Cabbage Wedge Salad
Sarah Searle

Lauded for its nutritional content and chewy texture, kale is one of our favorite cruciferous vegetables. We gleefully toss it into soups, stews and pastas. Here, it stars in a salad—in all its raw and chewy glory. Combined with apples and pepitas, the salad is dressed with its own sweet and sour vinaigrette.

But kale’s crunchy cousin, cabbage, has yet to have its day in the sun, until now. When roasted in a hot oven, it surprised us all. The high heat created brown, charred leaves that were succulent and moist on the inside and crunchy and caramelized on the outside. Drizzled with a vinaigrette and dusted with cheese, it steals the show.

Found in: Dinner, Healthy, Recipes