Breakfast Sandwiches

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on March 1, 2008
Grilled Reuben Breakfast Sandwich
Mark Boughton Photography styling by Teresa Blackburn

If you want to make the point that you’re working hard, saving money and being virtuous in general, tell someone you had a sandwich for lunch. Cold lunchmeat slapped between two pieces of (more than likely whole grain) bread—we get it. But mention that you had a breakfast sandwich, and the whole picture changes. Now we’re thinking of warm cheesy omelets folded in between toasted bread (or better yet a croissant) with a slice of ham or bacon.

So here is our tribute to the most important meal of the day. Our Grilled Reuben Sandwich is inspired by The Commuter Sandwich at La Grande Orange Grocery, in the historic Phoenix, Ariz., neighborhood of Arcadia. Our Italian Breakfast Panini is an easy-to-make take on Sven’s Breakfast Panini, available at Sven’s European Café, in Milwaukee, Wis. And, guess what, you may want to call them Sunset Sandwiches—they’re just as good for dinner.

By Lisa Waterman Gray, a food writer in Overland Park, Kansas.


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