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on May 11, 2012
Jessica Merchant

Let’s talk pizza night. Or in my case, pizza night(s).

Because the guy in my life likes to keep things plain, pizza night can’t be like, “fun” pizza night. There can be no fontina portobello pizza or apple bacon pizza or stuffed crust pizza or thai chicken pizza. There can be no crazy cheeses or non-meat toppings and certainly nothing sacrilegious like fruit or balsamic glaze. We can have the traditional mozzarella, with way too much sauce, an obnoxious amount of pepperoni, and maybe if we’re lucky, provolone and roasted red peppers. Oh, and it can only be made on a garlic bread crust.

I don’t really blame him though. As much as I love crazy-face pizza flavors, true pizza to me will always consist of piles of stringy melty, gooey cheese, sauce and crunchy crust.
The thing is? I want that traditional version of pizza once a week too. It’s comfort. It’s home. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Quite literally too.
So…now we just have to have pizza nightS. With a big, fat S. Because what I love almost as much as that traditional meal is creating fantastic, sometimes weird and delectable pizzas with an array of flavors. It’s like there are endless options to experiment with and for an impatient, always bored and scattered food obsessed freak, that is music to my ears.
This pizza could be eaten for breakfast, but since I’m elbow deep in a serious egg obsession, I made it for lunch. I love the versatility of eggs and how they instantly add great flavor and texture to different foods. And crispy bacon? Well, that’s self explanatory.
—By Jessica Merchant, How Sweet It Is
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