Ultimate Holiday Gift Pick: Meal Planning Subscription Services

For Moms
on November 23, 2015

We’re busy. You’re busy. This time of year, we all seem to make busy-ness our business. We get it—and so does eMeals. They’re a meal planning subscription service that essentially takes the fuss out of getting dinner on the table, offering up a variety of meal plans, complete with recipes and grocery lists.

Forgive us in advance for waxing poetic, but we’re on board, big time. So much so that Relish.com is partnering with eMeals for the holiday season (and beyond) to offer a gift certificate option for our top five picks from their meal plan subscriptions, to suit just about any lifestyle—and just about anyone on your holiday shopping list. Never heard of eMeals? Here’s how it works.

First, you pick the perfect plan.

This time of year, we’re loving the plans that are geared towards getting healthy, budget-friendly meals on the table—particularly valuable amidst the decadence associated with holiday season (and the often unfortunate aftermath). These are our picks to see you through the holiday season and straight into 2016.

The Kid-Friendly Plan 

The Kid-Friendly Plan guarantees “no yucky stuff.” Moms and dads of picky eaters, rejoice, and fear not. This is good stuff. This plan comes complete with recipes and grocery lists for complete, kid-approved meals like Slow Cooker Spaghetti with Zucchini and Garlic Bread, or one of our personal favorites—meatball subs.

Kid-Friendly Meal Planning

The Budget-Friendly Plan

This plan is, much like the kid-friendly plan, exactly what it sounds like. These weekly meal plans are geared especially towards stretching your grocery budget as far as it’ll go, without sacrificing on the good parts, which hey—what’s not to like? It’s particularly well suited for the weeks surrounding the holiday season.

Budget-Friendly Meal Planning Subscription Service

The Clean Eating Plan

The Clean Eating Plan focuses on recipes with “whole” foods, minimalist grocery lists, and of course, no processed ingredients—perfect for detoxing after the holidays, and for starting off the new year on solid footing.

Clean Eating Meal Plans

The Low Calorie Plan

This plan takes the torture out of calorie-counting, as it only features recipes and ingredients rounding out to 500 calories or less per serving—and it only features recipes you actually want to eat. The Low Calorie Plan is a great fit for the New Year’s resolution set, making the perfect complement to both weight-loss-specific and general wellness regimens.

Low Calorie Meal Planning for Weight Loss

The Paleo Plan 

Granted, The Paleo Plan is for a niche audience, but a dedicated one. We’d be surprised to learn you don’t have at least one caveman-era eater on your holiday shopping list. We can name more than a few on ours. This plan is all about working protein, fruits and veggies—no grains or processed foods—into easy, accessible dishes anyone can enjoy.

Paleo Friendly Meal Plans

Once you’ve picked your plan of choice, you immediately begin to reap the benefits.  

Every week, your meal plan arrives in your inbox— complete with seven simple, creative, family–friendly dinner recipes—each with an entrée and side dishes.

Next, you start to notice you’re saving time, and ultimately, a lot of cash.

Along with the meal plan, you’ll receive a detailed grocery list organized by section. And if you choose a store-based plan, it will even be coordinated with weekly sale items.


They’ll take care of the meal planning, the grocery list and the budgeting—while the lucky recipient (be it you, or a loved one) takes credit for making healthy, home-cooked meals that the whole family will love. Visit their site for a detailed list of all meal plan options, and get a jump on your holiday shopping list, while you’re at it. Order your gift certificates now.

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