The Best Coolers for Father’s Day

on June 9, 2014

Dad might not be a master chef in the traditional sense, but those hunting trips, fishing benders, and tailgating extravaganzas require an especially trusty tool for keeping his foodstuff safe. We’re talking coolers: crafted in the U.S., built for adventures urban to rugged, and guaranteed to keep contents cool as a cucumber.

Check out offerings from three of our favorite brands below, then on Father’s Day, fill your favorite with dad’s choice eats and drinks for a fantastic surprise. Bonus points if you pair it with a planned camping getaway.


Dad-approved pick: Tundra 45


The Tundra 45 is our utility all-star: it’s hardcore enough for the fishing expedition, but easily transitions to backyard BBQ ice chest mode with the capacity to hold 26 cans. The folks at Yeti construct all coolers with the same technology used to mold whitewater kayaks, making this brand a cult favorite among outdoorsmen. Speaking of outdoor adventures, Dad’s new Yeti can double as a casting platform for fishing, and will keep his fresh catch safe from bears with its bear-proof locking system.

Fill your Yeti with:

Sweet and Sour Coleslaw

Baja Fish Tacos


Dad-approved pick: M60 Patton


Like the tank it’s named after, the M60 is a military grade workhorse. The brown, armored exterior gives a certain level of intimidation factor, whether the actual contents are intimidating or not. The cooler is big enough to keep wild game on ice after the hunt, or to house burger fixins’ and brews for those fall tailgates. Icehole is proud of its rugged durability with features like rubber latches modeled after M2 Bradley fighting vehicles. Another bonus—Icehole actively supports military charities like Fisher House and Warrior Connect.

Fill your Icehole with:

Memphis Rendezvous Ribs

Potato Salad with Herbs


Dad-approved pick: Collegiate Colors


Style points don’t have to be compromised in the hunt for a cooler that delivers. Igloo’s collegiate line will allow Dad to sport the colors and logo of his alma mater while stashing necessities for the big game. Choose from a list of 24 colleges, ranging from Big 10 to Pac 12 schools, and everything in between. The 60-quart rolling design will hold up to 90 cans and makes transportation a breeze. 

Fill your Igloo Collegiate Cooler with:

Cookout Potatoes

Chicken Popeye Sliders


Dad-approved pick: Yukon Cold Locker Line


A budget-friendly take on the popularity of hardcore sporting coolers, Igloo hits a homerun with its Yukon Cold Locker Line.  We especially love the camouflaged lid that uses industrial grade gaskets to lock out heat in style. Yukon Cold Lockers work well with dry ice, or combination packing (dry ice and regular ice) for extended deep chill.

Fill your Yukon Cold Locker with:

Hearty Steak Sandwich for Six

Shrimp and Pasta Salad


Dad-approved pick: Igloo Contour 30

Igloo Contour 30

This 30-quart red, white, and blue utilitarian offering from Igloo is ideal for hassle-free trips to the beach. The Igloo Contour 30 is an ice chest begging to be packed with an array of sandwiches and beverages for family days in the sand and sun.  The curved shape is engineered to be easy enough for one person to carry, and the slotted lid ensures those sandwiches can be stacked miles high.

Fill Your Contour 30 with:

Muffuletta Sandwich

Avocado and Turkey Sandwiches with Feta Mayonnaise

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