Barefoot In The Park

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on March 21, 2011

If you've ever seen the 1967 movie Barefoot In The Park, then you know the scene where straight-laced Paul Bratter is served a "black salad" at an Albanian hash house is one of the funniest in the entire film. As a young, handsome and sublimely cast Robert Redford very astutely points out to his new bride Jane Fonda, "You don't just pick up a fork and dig into a black salad." Indeed. Sounds best to approach a salad like that with caution.

But a crisp toss made with fresh garden veggies and a light lemony vinaigrette is a salad of a different color. Our corn and tomato salad has a little more heft than a mere bed of greens and it's a perfect accompaniment to our Spiced Plank-Grilled Salmon. Dish up both with roasted or grilled spring veggies—asparagus or carrots are yummy choices—and serve with a crisp white wine or fruited iced tea. Then settle back for a little old-fashioned romance, comedy and Hollywood magic—one of Neil Simon's best works—and imagine yourself barefoot in the park and as young and carefree as the characters in this charming must-see film.