Make Bananas Foster Bread

Dessert, Mardi Gras
on July 30, 2013
Bananas Foster Bread

We are big advocates of taking classic recipes and turning them on their heads. Bananas Foster, the down-by-the-bayou classic typically served with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream, is our latest test subject.

To retain the richness of the original, developed back in the 1950s at New Orleans’ Brennan’s Restaurant, our Relish chef opted to create a sweet, dessert-ready banana bread with a sweet whisky and sugar glaze drizzled atop.

This loafed version certainly doesn’t disappoint its decadent roots—butter, brown sugar and whiskey all make notable appearances on the ingredient list. And we know what you’re thinking—what about the ice cream? Well, we think a scoop will still nuzzle up to a slice quite nicely.

See how it’s done and get the recipe (along with one for the original) below:


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