Bake Sale: Cookies for Kids Cancer

Featured Article, How-To
on August 26, 2011
Bake Sale

Hosting a bake sale is a simple way to make a big difference raising funds for pediatric cancer research. In as little as three weeks, you can go from concept to cookie sales. Here’s how to get started:

  • Share the fun! Whether your bake sale will be small or large, get others involved. Recruit your kids, neighbors, preschool or club members to participate. Helpers don’t even have to be bakers – there are plenty of tasks to spread around for those interested in helping the cause.
  • Once you have a team, set a date and pick a location. Look at your community calendar for high traffic opportunities. Decide if you will be indoors or out. Select a rain date for an outdoor bake sale.
  • Set a fund raising goal! You know that every dollar counts at Cookies for Kids’ Cancer, so set a goal that keeps you motivated and excited about the event. A bake sale at an office with 50-60 employees will often raise more than $500 and a public bake sale in a high traffic location might raise more than $2,000 dollars. Your goal should take into account how long your event will run, where it will be held, and the number of donations and supporters you are able appeal to. You can raise as much money reaching out to friends, co-workers, family and those who you feel will simply make a donation to support your efforts as you might raise from those who will purchase from your actual bake sale.
  • With your team, plan the bake sale menu. Keep it simple with just cookies or offer a variety of confections – cakes, breads and pastries are great additions. Offering coffee, punch, lemonade, or cider will increase your revenue potential. Check here for possible bake sale menus and recipes.
  • Involve the community. Reach out to local businesses for donations whether in kind through product or ingredient support or monetarily. A local business willing to support you efforts might also be a great place to host your bake sale. We have found that local bakeries are often willing to support efforts by offering free or discounted baked good in exchange for a mention at your sale. Let friends, family, and co-workers know about your bake sale and if they cannot stop by ask them to pledge against your fund-raising goal, the number of cookies you plan to sell, or to simply support your efforts by making a donation.

—Used with Permission by Cookies for Kids Cancer