Bacon Love: No Spam Here

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on June 13, 2011
Bacon and Eggs

There are those who believe that bacon makes everything better. I'm not one of those people.

Now, I love a BLT as much as the next God-fearing American, but I am of the opinion that there are some dishes in which bacon has no business being an ingredient. The bacon chocolate craze of recent memory was bad enough, followed by an even more distasteful visage: a bottle of fizzy Bacon Soda released last Christmas (I'm hoping) as a gag from Jones Soda Co. But nothing prepared me for the assault to come. When I first got wind a couple of weeks ago about the rising popularity of Bacon Ice Cream, I felt like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.

Horror does indeed have a face sir, and it looks an awful lot like a big melty bowl of Bacon Ice Cream.

That said, my heart still belongs to bacon. Its salty porcine goodness has made many an almost-unsalvageable sandwich a little more palatable, and who can resist the smell of bacon sizzling away on a Sunday morning, mingling with the smell of fresh-brewed coffee and buttermilk biscuits baking in the oven? Not I, friends. Not I.

So I feel compelled to come to bacon's defense. Detractors have begun labeling those irritating spam emails that fill our in-boxes as "bacon." Oh unkind. Bacon cannot and should not be compared to those irritating missives which promise us everything from untold wealth awaiting us in Nigeria to bargain-basement pharmaceuticals. Kevin Bacon, sure. I'll go there. But aptly-named spam (which I would likely not eat even in the most dire of circumstances)? No, no. Bacon is a beautiful thing…when prepared in almost anything besides ice cream.

Here are a few bacony recipes to whet your appetite too, and help give bacon back the good name it's worked so long and hard for.

—By Stacey Norwood

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