A Bed-and-Breakfast Weekend at Home

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on March 18, 2011

Checking into a truly great B&B is like visiting an old friend for a great weekend party. The food is fabulous, the amenities personal and the little touches (which can include everything from an afternoon snack basket to the makings for a mini-spa) make you feel not only welcome, but absolutely indulged. So if you've been planning a girlfriend getaway that never seems to happen or family members who keep threatening to visit but never do, send out the invites and get ready for their arrival in a few simple steps.

  • Stock guest rooms or whatever sleeping accommodations you're providing with fresh linens for bed and bath, a tray or basket of something to nibble on (something sweet and something salty, preferably), water in bottles or a carafe and drinking glasses.
  • Little extras like a book to read or a few sample-sized spa products will score you triple points.
  • Go out to dinner if you like, but serve breakfast at home—everyone milling about in their jammies with a plate of something yummy is part of the fun. Comfort food-style dishes are always a hit, and will send guests packing on a happy, sated note. Here are a few of our favorites.