9 Creative Ways to Store Spices

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on January 9, 2015
Test Tube Spice Rack

Aromatic spices and fragrant herbs have been creating complexity and depth in otherwise bland dishes for centuries. Isn’t it high time you store (and show off) these culinary life-savers in an honorable way? From a modern magnetic spice rack to a clever test-tube creation, the following ideas will cut out cabinet clutter and present spices in elegant, functional and effective displays.

1. Magnetic Spice Rack

10 Creative Ways to Store Spices | Relish.com


A trendy solution to storing spices is to use a magnetic spice rack. The metal plate can be mounted on the wall, on the refrigerator or on the cabinet door to maximize kitchen space. Even better, it’ll serve as a useful piece of art, creating a beautiful, edible color palette from the spices.


2. Wall Spice Rack

10Ways to Store Spices | Relish.com


To save shelf and counter space, try a tiered spice rack that will mount on your kitchen wall. These spice racks flow seamlessly with kitchen décor and provide easy access to spices.


3. Baking Box

10 Creative Ways to Store Spices | Relish.com

Better Homes and Gardens

A small, tray-like box can make baking and cooking much more efficient. Group spices together based on commonly used recipes and place in small trays. When you’re all done creating your favorite meal, just slide the tray back into a drawer or onto a shelf.


4. Hanging Magnetic Rack DIY

10 Creative Ways to Store Spices | Relish.com

Old Sweet Song

This DIY method for organizing spices is affordable and innovative. Take a metal ruler and attach it to the underside of upper cabinets. Place your spices in magnetic containers and clip to the ruler. Now spices are now easily accessible without taking up cabinet, pantry or counter space!


5. Old Printer’s Tray

11 Creative Ways to Store Spices | Relish.com

The Travelers Lunch

Another DIY solution for storing spices is to use an old printer’s tray to store a large number of spices in a beautiful way. Old printer’s trays can be ordered online and come in a variety of sizes and shapes with varying numbers of compartments.


6. Cabinet Door Rack

10 Creative Ways to Store Spices | Relish.com

Door Sixteen

Storing spices on the inside of a cabinet door is space efficient and will help eliminate the potential mess of keeping spices on shelves. Just make sure what you do keep on the shelves is stored far enough back so that the door will shut.


7. Hanging Containers

10 Ways to Store Spices | Relish.com

Purpose Design

Store your most commonly used spices on the same rack as your everyday utensils and kitchen tools. We think this design is perfect for kitchens short on space.


8. Drawer Storage

10 Creative Ways to Store Spices | Relish.com

The Cavender Diary

Storing spices in drawers will keep them out of sight but available for quick access. For even faster finding, organize your spices in alphabetical order so you always know exactly where the desired spice will be.


9. Test Tube Spice Rack

10 Ways to Store Spices | Relish.com


Test tubes are an airtight, perfectly sized and innovative way to store spices you only use in dashes. This particular design will be most useful mounted near a stove.


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