9 Can’t-Miss Gumbo Recipes for Mardi Gras

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on February 10, 2015
Coconut curried sausage gumbo
The Pig and Quill

We’re convinced there is no better adieu to winter than a sizzling, spice-packed and meaty (or not so meaty) pot of gumbo. To greet Mardi Gras season we’ve collected nine gumbo recipes of varying complexities and contents from around the web. The vegetarian versions still allude to traditional gumbo tastes while others mix it up with duck or wild game.


Mrs. Mooney’s Secret Gumbo

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Half Baked Harvest

Don’t worry, Mrs. Mooney is fully aware her unforgettable gumbo is now out of the bag. So curl up with this ultimate pot of Southern Cuisine. Mrs. Mooney’s version is sans seafood, but full of chicken and andouille (a type of sausage that originated in France and is now a New Orleans staple).


Can't Miss Gumbo Recipes | Relish.com

The Cozy Apron

What do you get when you cross jambalya with the stew-like seafood goodness of gumbo? Gumbo-Laya of course! Try this spicy, hearty melding of two Louisiana favorites for a comfort food extravaganza.

Duck and Sweet potato Gumbo

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Southern Boy Dishes

Bill Harris is no stranger to whipping up pots of mouth-watering gumbo. This version strays away from the classic chicken, sausage, seafood contents and into new kinds of fowl (duck!) with sweet potatoes added to the mix.

Coconut curried sausage Gumbo (Psssst…. its gluten-free)

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The Pig and Quill

That’s right, gluten-free gumbo. Not to mention, it is has twice the veggies as most gumbos, curry spices and coconut milk.

Vegetarian Gumbo

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The Chubby Vegetarian

A lot of the flavor in gumbo comes from the meat(s), so vegetarian gumbo can end up pretty bland if you’re not careful. But have no fear, this recipe uses Indian curry-making methods to keep the smokey, savory, salty flavors essential to every pot of gumbo.

Gumbo Dip

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Southern Souffle

If you don’t have time to create a whole pot of sizzling gumbo, try this dip full of New Orleans flavoring and complete with both shrimp and andouille (and lots cheese).

Quick Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo

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The Housewife in Training Files

Add this gumbo recipe to your arsenal—it’s ready to go in less than thirty minutes.

Shrimp and Crab Gumbo

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Stephie Cooks

This recipe originated in a quest to recreate Stephie’s great-grandmother’s gumbo and with shrimp, crab, and orka—it’s about as quintessentially New Orleans as you can get.


Wild Game Gumbo

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Holly A. Heyser

The hunter meets the chef in this wild game gumbo recipe. Not keen on game? This gumbo recipe will work just as well with the meat of your choice.