8 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Easter, Holidays, In Season, Spring
on March 31, 2015

If you haven’t started brainstorming designs for this year’s batch of Easter eggs, why not consider attempting something a little different? There are plenty out-of-the-shell ways to add vibrant colors and unique patterns to your eggs, but these eight creative blogger ideas are guaranteed to excite your little ones and impress your holiday guests. Before you begin, make sure to take a good look around your house—you might already have the materials for some of these creative ideas in your pantry or craft closet!


Galaxy Design

Take your Easter eggs deep into the cosmos by utilizing this fun painting method while you decorate. This design idea is perfect for adding a little magic to your baskets or tablescape.


Melted Crayon Method

Jump back into pre-school mode and break out a pack of colorful crayons to create any image you can dream up. To achieve the full effect, make sure your eggs are still hot while you draw.


Carrot Patch Disguise 

Disguise your eggs as tasty carrots and nestle them into a garden display for the perfect Easter basket theme or holiday table centerpiece.


Sharpie Pen Technique

It’s super easy to add beautiful patterns and pictures to your eggs with just Sharpie pens and stickers. Arrange your stickers, dot your pen until you like the look, and remove the sticker to create a negative space image.


Decoupaged Decoration

Turn your Easter egg into an artist’s canvas without any paint at all! Simply choose your favorite fabric, napkins, or scrapbooking paper, and give your eggs a full body makeover.


Dip Dyed Trick

Get a two-toned look with bold spring hues by dip-dying your eggs in every color of the rainbow. Try giving some shells an ombre finish and others a contrasting coat.


Twine-Wrapped Craft

Add a rustic appeal to your Easter celebrations with these twine-wrapped eggs. Perfect for creating that country vibe, these neutral-toned beauties make for an easy DIY with lovely results.


Striped with String

Grab your favorite hues of multicolored string and create adorable striped Easter eggs that you can arrange into a rainbow of holiday celebration.


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