4 Themed Mother's Day Brunch Menus for Mom

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on May 8, 2013
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It’s hard to argue with Mother’s Day brunch. It’s tradition, and hey, it’s brunch. But if you’re interested in mixing up things a bit this year, we’ve got just the ticket. Well, four tickets—all disguised as themed brunch menus.

First, we’ve got dishes for a health-conscious mom, followed by a menu for the mom who likes a taste of the South every now and then. Next, a menu for the madre who likes a taste of the even deeper south—as in south of the border—and finally, a few tasty menu items for the Earth mama that prefers to be out on the trails with her brood. And remember, these brunch menus are FOR mom, not BY mom, so keep her out of the kitchen, no matter how much she argues.

A bright, seasonal, nutritious menu. But you’re thinking, “wait…there are muffins involved?” Yes there are, but we assure you, these are much lower in fat and calories than your run-of-the-mill brunch sweet.

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The Perfect House Salad
Primavera Quiche
Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins


In true Southern fashion, this menu subscribes to a decidedly “more is more” philosophy.

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Eggs on Creamy Grits
Angel Biscuits We especially like these with country ham.
Vidalia Onion Bacon Pie
Spring Fruit Compote


Two baked brunch dishes with a spicy kick, plus Tex-Mex style fixins. If your mom is anything like ours, she’ll appreciate the accessories.

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Southwestern Breakfast Bake
Bim’s Huevos Ranchos
With Your Favorite Tortilla Chips:
Fresh Tomato Salsa
World’s Best Guacamole
Corn and Avocado Salad
Sweet Finish:
Tres Leches Cake
Cinnamon Sugar Bunuelos


A few perfect picks for a picnic-lovin’ mama, great for a spread in the park and wonderfully portable for taking to the trails.

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Fruity Breakfast Cookies
Camp Beckwith Granola—alone or with yogurt.
Easy Hummus Dip
Sliced fruit and veggies


And finally, drinks! We’ve got beverages—with alcohol and without—to quench the whole family’s thirst. Mix and match to fit your favorite menu, but make sure to mix up mom’s favorite first.

Bloody Mary
Spring Tonics
Raspberry Pink Grapefruit Mimosas
Fresh Lemonade
Lime Refresher

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