15 Soups to Make in Under 30 Minutes

on January 8, 2014
vegetable bean soup
Photography: Mark Boughton / Styling by Teresa Blackburn

Mid-winter comfort doesn’t have to mean hours of slow-roasting, braising, stewing and simmering soups into submission. Each of these soup recipes allow for perfectly seasoned and piping-hot bowlfuls in 30 minutes or less. Throw in a loaf of crusty bread, and you’re in business.

Tortilla Meatball Soup

A deliciously filling hybrid between tortilla soup and hearty beef chili, this Tortilla Meatball Soup is garnish-friendly—think shredded cheese, sour cream and avocado slices.

Vegetable Bean Soupvegetable-bean-soup

Loaded with veggies and plenty of protein-packed beans, this Vegetable Bean Soup is light enough to fit in with New Year’s fitness goals yet hearty enough to serve as a meal.

Spicy Thai SoupSpicy-Thai-Soup

Featuring generous doses of garlic and fresh ginger, a heaping bowl of Spicy Thai Soup will warm you up in no time.

West African Peanut Soup

Raise a few eyebrows (in a good way) at your next potluck by presenting a pot of West African Peanut Soup—which gets its velvety richness from the addition of sweet potato and peanut butter.

Italian Vegetable Soupitalian-vegetable-soup

This hearty minestrone-style Italian soup is laced with satisfying penne pasta, studded among a Technicolor rainbow of vegetables.

Harvest Potato Soup

A healthier take on more traditional potato soups, this Angel Harvest Potato Soup stars colorful greens and veggies alongside generous chunks of spud.

Quick Chicken Tortilla Soup

Made with just a handful of ingredients—including ready-to-go rotisserie chicken—this Quick Tortilla Soup is just the ticket for busy weeknights.

Curry Noodle Soup

Made with Thai pantry staples like red curry, coconut milk and fish paste, this hearty soup packs a punch that’s ideal for cold winter nights. And come on. How gorgeous is that?

Dressed-Up Tomato Soupdressed-up-tomato-soup

This recipe, nothing short of brilliant as far as cheeky shortcuts are concerned, offers up the perfect additions to a basic can of tomato soup, for a dressed-up and delicious version.

French Pea Soupfrench-pea-soup

Made up of only five ingredients (including frozen peas), this creamy, vibrantly hued soup could hardly be easier—but dinner guests don’t need to know that.

Creamy Braising Greens Soupcreamy-braising-greens-soup

This recipe offers a comforting soup for all seasons, making use of whatever sturdy greens happen to be in season at the time. Plus, there’s bacon.

Williamsburg Cream of Peanut SoupCream-of-peanut-soup

Another deliciously unexpected take on peanut soup, this ultra-creamy version comes directly from the King’s Arms Tavern in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Shrimp and Corn Soupshrimp-and-corn-soup

Canned cream-style corn makes a rich base for this hearty seafood soup. It comes together in a matter of minutes—and just get a load of those colors.

Greek Lemon Soup (Avgolemono)greek-lemon-soup

This Greek Lemon Soup offers the fresh flavor of lemon, perfectly tempered by the added richness of egg yolks and white rice.


This Easy Tomato Soup for Kids is packed with nutritious veggies—and hits the table in fifteen minutes. Meaning there’s just enough time to whip up a couple of quick grilled cheese sandwiches.

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