11 Fun Ways to Reorganize Your Cookbooks

on January 21, 2015

All right, so kitchen organization may not be your strong suit. Or, even if you are pretty organized, there’s always room for improvement. To help cut the clutter, we’ve picked out 11 cute and clever methods to reorganize your most treasured possession: your cookbooks. Trust us—organization really can be fun, especially when it involves some repurposing and creativity!


1. End-of-the-Island Bookshelf

Island Bookshelf | Relish.com

This Old House

Storing your cookbooks couldn’t be easier with these built-in shelves that are cute and convenient! You (or a handy friend) can install these shelves into your kitchen island without much sweat.


2. Wall Baskets 

Metal Baskets | Relish.com

The Kitchn

You can buy these metal baskets at IKEA or any other home organization store; after you mount them on the wall, you instantly have a creative and functional storage space.


3. The Cookbook Wall  

Cookbook Wall | Relish.com

The Kitchn

These crown-moulding inspired shelves work especially well for displaying favorite cookbooks instead of hiding them away, creating a showcase area for all of your prized recipes.


4. Magazine Files

Magazine Racks | Relish.com

Pink Texas Chick

You may already have these lying around the house! These magazine holders work just as well for cookbooks, and they provide a cheaper alternative to more costly storage options.


5. Stacked Shelves

Stacked Shelves | Relish.com

Therese Hagstedt / Flickr

These adorable shelves make a pretty quick and easy DIY project; you can even paint them to match the decorating scheme in your kitchen.


6. Hidden in Drawers

Cookbook Drawers | Relish.com

Style at Home

Why not use the space you already have? Empty drawers work well for storing cookbooks if you can spare them.


7. Drawer-Turned-Shelf

Drawer Shelf | Relish.com

Home Talk

If you don’t have any of your own drawers available, you can buy vintage drawers at most antique stores and turn them into creative storage units.


8. Vertical Dividers 

Kitchen Dividers | Relish.com

Thomas J. Story / Sunset

These vertical dividers are designed for papers and mail, but they also provide a useful means of separating and organizing your cookbooks and magazines.


9. Antique Coal Grates

Antique Wooden Boxes | Relish.com

Nell Hill’s Style at Home Blog

Storage doesn’t have to be just functional—it can also be beautiful! These antique coal grates make a statement and function just as much as interior decoration as they do practical space.


12. Way Up High

Cookbook Storage | Relish.com

The Kitchn

If all else fails, look up. Most kitchens leave ample room on top of cabinets to store cookbooks; just make sure to keep a step stool on hand, too.


11. Color-Coded Cookbooks 

Color-Coded Cookbooks | Relish.com

Simple Bites

Take your organization mission a step further and color-code cookbooks to show a true dedication to order. The end result will be a pretty incredible rainbow of cooking inspiration.

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